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Turning your emails
into receipts.

Unfurler takes your emails containing receipts and invoices, and attaches them to your Monzo transactions.

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Support a community project.

This project started because I wanted to visualise what I was buying. After great feedback from the community, it's now scaling up to support more merchants, more users and hopefully more banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have logged in you will receive a unique email address. You will need to forward any emails (from supported merchants) that contain a receipt - this can be done manually or automaticaly using auto-forwarders.

Once we have received your email, our systems will attempt to extract any important information and attach it to the transaction in your Monzo account.

More instructions will be made available to you after you finish logging in! If you need help, or want to discuss, you can reach out here.

Once you forward your email to our unique address, it will be processed by Mailgun and sent to our secure servers. It will be stored by Mailgun for up to 3 days, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Yes! Unfurler works with current, joint and business accounts with Monzo.

When you log in for the first time we will store your Monzo user ID, a hash of your email, and we generate you a unique email address.

Your emails are stored by Mailgun for up to 3 days, after which they are automatically deleted. We do not store your transaction data, balance, or any other banking information.

Due to limitations with Monzo's API, we have to request access to your entire account. We only access your accounts and most recent transactions in order to link the right receipt.

We do not access your balance or Pots and we do not store any of your banking information nor do we move money around your account.

We do not have the ability to move money outside of your account.

If you revoke access through the Monzo app, then we will still hold on to your user ID - this makes it easier for you to re-join at a later date. However, our access to your transactions (and other data) will be void and you will no longer be able to add receipts to your account.

To delete your account entirely, please get in touch.

Unfurler is completely free. If you would like to support me in the continued development, then you can send a one-off donation here! It's much appreciated!

On average receipts are added in under 45 seconds. We support notifications within your Monzo account to let you know when something goes wrong, if it takes longer than 5 minutes without any notification then this likely means something went wrong and we will look into it.

We are unable to view transactions in your account that are older than 90 days, for this reason that is the limit of how far back we can support.

If you send in an email which contains a receipt that is older than 90 days then this will be ignored.

Monzo receipts were first added in colloboration with Flux and enable you to see an itemised bill inside of the Monzo app.

Unfurler builds on top of this idea by extending the possible reach to 1000s of online merchants!

You can read more about the Monzo + Flux launch here!

Still have questions? Get in touch
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Hey, I'm James,
iOS developer

I created Unfurler because I wanted more from my bank, and by the looks of this earlier tweet - a lot of other people do too.